A Thick Jacket for Weekend Wear

    Nineteen ounces of Patons Double Quick Knitting
    a pair each of UK No. 9 and No. 10 knitting needles
    a cable needle or short spare double-pointed knitting needle for the cable stitches
    ten buttons (six buttons only, if the side straps are not required)

    Tension – Worked at such a tension that one repeat of the pattern (18 stitches) measures 3 inches in width using No. 9 needles

    The measurements on the diagram will be attained after light pressing

    Length – 23 ½ inches
    Sleeve Length – 17 ½ inches

    My Home 1959 measurements

    K knit plain; p purl; st stitch; tog together; inc increase (by working into the back and front of the same st); dec decrease (by working 2 sts tog); to twist 2 back; pass the right-hand needle behind left-hand needle and k into the back of the 2nd st from point of left-hand needle but do not let it off the needle, k. into the front of the 1st st., and slip both sts. off tog. ; to twist 2 front : pass the right-hand needle in front of the left-hand needle and k. into the front of the 2nd st., then k. into the front of the 1st st., and slip both sts. of tog. ; C3B., cable 3 back, thus ; slip the next 2 sts. on to cable needle and leave at back of work, k. 1, then k. the 2 sts. from the cable needle ; C3F., cable 3 front, thus : slip the next st. on to cable needle and leave at front, k. the next 2 sts., then k. 1 from cable needle ; single rib is k. 1 and p. 1 alternately ; s.s., stocking stitch (k. on the right side and p. back).

    This pattern was given to me by my mum. It is from a 1959 edition of the English magazine My Home.


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