Angel Top and Knickers

    Emu Treasure Quickerknit (20 grm balls)
    Emu Treasure Rainbow Quickerknit (20 grm balls)
    Emu Treasure Ripple Quickerknit (20 grm balls)
    Emu 8541 materials
    6 Buttons
    ¾ yard narrow ribbon
    Elastic for waist
    Pair each needles UK No 8 and No 10
    Long size 8 needles for yoke

    13 stitches to 2 inches (5cms approx.) measured over stocking stitch

    Emu 8541 measurements

    K knit; p purl; sts stitches; st st stocking stitch; rep repeat; beg beginning; inc increase(ing); tog together; sl slip; psso pass slipped stitch over; yf yarn forward; yon yarn over needle; yrn yarn round needle.

    This lovely little set was knitted by a friend for her daughter in the late 1970s. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the knitted garment to go with the pattern.


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