Doll’s Set – Dress and Bootees

    2 Balls Paton Beehive Baby Wool
    1 Pair UK Size 10 Knitting Needles
    Size 12 Crochet Hook
    Four Press Studs

    Tension – 8 stitches = l inch (2.5cm)

    Doll’s Set dress and bootees for a 16″ (41cm) doll.

    This knitting pattern has been reproduced from PATONS CRAFT BOOK No. C13.

    K=Knit, P=Purl, sts=stitches, tog=together, wl. fwd.=wool forward, alt=altemate, rep.=repeat, wrn= wool round needle, Garter Stitch=every row knit, inc.=increase patt.=pattern, beg.=beginning, dec=decrease, incl.=inclusive, ch=chain, sp.=space

    This pattern I picked up in a charity shop.


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