Golly Wools Easy to Knit Ladies Jumpers

    4 ozs 3 ply Golly knitting
    One pair UK No 12 and No 8 knitting needles

    Tension: Working in stocking stitch on No 8 needles
    6 sts and 8½ rows to one inch

    As Golly Wool is no longer available, I used Patons Big Baby 3 Ply and UK No 8 and 2.75 mm needles to knit this jumper

    Width all round at underarms, 33 inches
    Length from top of shoulders, 19 inches

    K, knit; P, purl; st, stitch; sts, stitches; rep, repeat; sl, slip; tog, together;
    psso, pass the slipped stitch over; wf, woof forward; tbl, through back of loop; sl. 1k, slip one knit, as follows:
    Wool to front, slip the first st off the right hand needle on to the left hand needle, wool to back for knitting position, slip the st back on to the right hand needle and proceed.

    This is a much knitted jumper.
    The pattern originally belonged to my grandmother and as “the fashions change and then become the same” my grandmother, mother and I have knitted and worn each of these designs.
    I had to add a few extra stitches to make the design big enough, they had very small waists in the 1950’s.
    Unfortunately the pattern itself hasn’t stood the test of time but I have faithfully retyped it, only keeping the front cover for originality.


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