Ladybird Cushion

    Sirdar Pullman or Wash ‘N’ Wear Chunky 50 gr balls

    • Red 7 balls
    • Black 6 balls

    I bought the same quantity of a “cheap” 8 ply yarn and had a couple of balls left over.

    The pattern used fabric for the spots and eyes, I knitted my own and then stitched them on.  I have added my bit to the pattern for anyone who wants to do the same.  If I had thought it through before starting I would have just knitted the spots into the pattern and saved myself the stitching.

    Approximately 64 cms long (25 ins)

    Sirdar108 baby plus abbreviations

    This pattern is from the Sirdar Baby Plus 108 booklet, sent to me by Anne in Scotland.

    I couldn’t resist it and knitted it for my granddaughter.

    The download is for this pattern only and not the entire booklet.


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