Men’s Sweaters in six sizes

    Lister K1026 materials

    8 sts and 12 rows equal 5cm (2 inches) No 6 (5mm) needles

    Lister K1026 measurements

    K knit; p purl; sts stitches; ins inches; cm centimetres; tog together; SKPO slip one, knit one, pass slipped st over; st st stocking stitch, which is the smooth side of one row knit, one row purl; m metres.

    Lee Target Poodle 100% Acrylic
    Lister Poodle 2 (Wool with Nylon)
    Lister/Lee Target Knoppy Knit

    Sadly the Lister mills have not survived the test of time and in 1992 they were closed.  In 2004 the Lister mills were converted into apartments.


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