Patons Knitting Book 570 – It’s the Jet Age!

    This booklet has garments for all the family, featuring Patons Jet Tripleknit

    K. = Knit.
    P. = Purl
    sts. = stitches.
    tog. = together.
    wl. fwd. = wool forward.
    alt. = alternate.
    w.o.n. = wool over needle.
    p.s.s.o. = pass slip stitch over.
    ins. = inches.
    rep. = repeat. w.r.n. = wool round needle.
    Garter Stitch = every row knit.
    inc.= increase. patt. = pattern.
    t.b.l. = through back of loop.
    beg. = beginning.
    dec. = decrease.
    incl. = inclusive.
    ch = chain.
    sp. = space.
    s.c. = single crochet.
    w.o.h. = wool over hook.
    d.c.=double crochet.
    tr. = treble. sl.
    st. = slip stitch.
    h. tr.=half treble.
    I. tr. = long treble (wool over hook twice).

    When instructions read: “Cast off 2 stitches, K.2” (or similar stitches ), the stitch on the right-hand needle, after casting off, is counted as one stitch.

    This Patons 570 pattern was given to me by a friend to share on my website.  It appears to have been much knitted but I have ensured that each pattern is legible.