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National Library cracks open Trove to publish vintage knitted treasures

Kate Boesen had been working at the National Library of Australia for almost 20 years when the call came for skilled knitters to participate in a new project.

The Library trove contained stacks of vintage magazines from the early 20th century – back when knitters had their pick of patterns published regularly in magazines and newspapers. The publication team had decided to collate a curated selection of them for a book and needed volunteers to recreate the patterns.

Kate knew she was one of them. Read more from the This is Canberra journal.

Patterns from Bronwen in the UK

This photo of Bronwen was taken in 1966 with her son, her mother and grandfather, such lovely memories.

Both Bronwen and her son are wearing some lovely knitted garments.  Browen said she has knitted the garments in the Patons 6013 pattern for both her son and daughter. Thanks for sharing Bronwen.

You can find the pattern by typing the pattern number in the search field at the bottom of the page.